‘FYLAKI’ is the name of the traditional bag of Ikaria island.
Locals use fylaki for their everyday needs.
Keeping the comfortable design,
the simplicity and the large capacity of these traditional bags,
we have created the modern ‘FYLAKI’ for your everyday city-life needs
and your excursions too.
keep SPACE for SIMPLE things and feel FREE

FYLAKI brand was created by Eleni Logotheti in spring 2016.

The idea was captured at Ikaria island one sunny morning when an Ikarian farmer passed in front of Eleni with the traditional bag of Ikaria.

FYLAKI bags are made of high quality cotton canvas.

 We support small greek business and we try to keep it local as more as we can.

All of our bags and accessories are handmade and the main source of our inspiration is summer in greek islands with the unique landscapes.

Our favourite greek island is Ikaria because always inspires us.